Is Google’s social media taking a step back?

According to an article posted on the BBC website recently “Google has revealed plans to side line its social network Google+ by changing the way users log into its products and services”.

For example, in 2013 Google required people to log into their Google+ accounts to post comments on YouTube.  Due to the backlash Google have received from the YouTube community, the BBC have reported that Google said “it would no longer require users to sign up to Google+ to post comments to products such as YouTube”.

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A similar report in Search Engine Watch also reported the news from Google on the future direction of its Google+ social media platform with Google “shifting Google+ away from a long struggle of trying to compete with Facebook and other leading social networks. Taking a step back from the competition will allow Google to focus on improving and developing other useful non-social network tools”.

Only time will tell what the implications are for the future of Google+.

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